Monday, 11 April 2016

H - Her

First of all, apologies fellas! I had to post this blog yesterday, but owing to my other priorities (read, sickness and exams) I was not able to post for G and H on the respective day. I am going to post today for G, H and I as part of the A - Z Challenge..

For H, Simran has given me the word Her. I am free to choose the girl who fits in 'HER'

Trying Micro-poetry for the first time.


Neither calm nor rough, 
Neither sure nor confused,
Neither a yes nor a no,
She was neither his nor her own. (108 characters)

G - Gravity

First of all, apologies fellas! I had to post this blog yesterday, but owing to my other priorities (read, sickness and exams) I was not able to post for G and H on the respective day. I am going to post today for G, H and I as part of the A - Z Challenge..

For G, Simran has challenged me with the word Gravity, I thought she knew that Physics is one subject which I hate and secured the least marks in, well I guess she doesn't.

Anyway, since it's a challenge I am still going to write upon Gravity.

She was nowhere to be seen, 
But, was felt everywhere.
Less the distance between
them more she attracted. 

He wanted to see her for 
real, but didn't know, no 
one can meet the shore
of her invisible sea! 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

F - Fire

This time around I have been challenged by Simran to write a 55 word story for the letter F of A to Z Challenge. The word for F that has been given to me by Simran is Fire, and it's my first attempt for 55 word fiction.

The happiest day of Rani’s life had finally arrived, she had been adjudged as the Miss India, the most beautiful girl of the country. The whole family was rejoicing upon her success. But, suddenly fire broke out. She got burnt but ensured everyone’s safety. She lost physical beauty, but, she was yet beautiful, from inside. (55 words)    

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E - Escape

Good Evening Readers! Here I am back to continue with the fifth post of A to Z Challenge, and the word for the day given to me by Simran is Escape.

There are various things, people want to escape from. Humans have a tenancy of escaping from everything in the search of the better, what they don't realize is that it's the best they deserve and if they kept escaping from everything through out the life, they would escape the whole life.

People ask for a reason to live,
A reason which keeps them active 
A goal they can thrive,
Something which keeps them alive,
which adds fun to life.

"I want to escape to a new sphere"
"Wish I could escape somewhere" 
"I don't want to work over here"
"I don't fit in the atmosphere"
these are the excuses very mere.

Don't ask for a reason but build one
Which awakes you before the sun.
Something which lets you forget the bad,
Makes you good when you're sad.
And let's you escape! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D - Door

Hola Amigos! Due to my exams I have been posting my blogs a bit late, but once they are over (by the end of this week) I would try to post the blog at the midnight itself.

This is the fourth day of A to Z Challenge and the word of the day given by Simran is Door.

We walk various doors through out the life, but the best ones are the doors which are not forced upon us. They are the doors that we love to walk through, which ultimately take us to the success, to the places nobody has ever discovered. Be a rebel! Choose your own doors, break them and discover new things.

It commenced when he was young,
A tiny tot, 
Forced by people to walk and speak,
And he walked through the door. 

He grew up a little and
Began the kindergarten,
Asked to recite the poem,
And he walked through the door. 

He grew up a bit more and 
reached the school,
'A topper' - the teacher proclaimed,
And he walked through the door.

He became a tween and 
started the middle school,
Expected to run the fastest,
And he walked through the door. 

He was a teen and
became a high schooler,
Find a girl - told the senior,
And he walked through the door.

Then he reached eighteen 
And he disappointed others, 
'Become a doctor' they demanded,
He refused to walk through the door.  

He demanded to be left alone,
They tried but couldn't win,
He did something for himself,
And he ran through his door. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

C - Camera

So, after the break on Sunday, which I enjoyed in Jaipur and on the bus back to my college, I am here yet again with a new alphabet C and a new word given to me by none other than Simran once again which is Camera.

Camera - is a special word for me as it is one of the most (literally, most) important tool in the Photography and Cinematography Club of my University, of which I am a member. You may visit the club to see the photographs taken by our club members using the beloved device CAMERA.

This is the third post of A to Z Challenge. 2016. 23 more to come after this.

Laugh, tear, joy or cry
Captures it all wet or dry.
Emotions blend in a snap,
Showcased in her photograph.
Love, care, hate or despair,
She makes sure all are there.
She is a person with the third eye,
A camera - her world beyond the sky. 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

B - Bedlam

So, here is the second day of April and after an enjoyable bus journey to Jaipur, here I am posting my second post for A-Z Challenge, and I have been given the second word by Simran which is bedlam. It means a confusion between heart and mind; a chaotic situation or a mental asylum.

He loved her by all his might, 
But could not get a yes from her,
She loved but was full of fright,
And refused him in a spur.

For him she was an angel, 
Who was in the state of bedlam,
In her thoughts was he entangled,
An angel who sent him to bedlam.